Asking those questions

  source:   Finding ourselves in an audience amongst hundreds, thousands, sometimes it is nice to be in a small room; having those deeper conversations, unscripted, randomness.   Asking questions, and gathering a perfect group of people, If the world ended today? Wouldn’t it be great to start with your closest group of people? What kind of dialogue would you have? What kind of questions would you ask? Did you have dinner? How was your flight? Aren’t you looking good? Thank you. Can I ask the first question? Just between us, as if no body was listening – how … Continue reading Asking those questions

Meeting Sophia: Before

source: BusinessInsider   After a whole day discussing AI, the implications, developments in Europe and across the Globe, I am in anticipation. In anticipation to meet Sophia in person. When I think about the last year how I have been actively engaged in discussions of AI – as a concept, as a product, as an idea and even watching videos on youtube, it is like engaging in a new gadet, learning the lingo and understanding how we interact with such devices. Now in 30 mins time, I am going meet Sophia and I am unsure how I will respond. Excited … Continue reading Meeting Sophia: Before

The Secret – Law of Attraction

After the New Years, with much eating and digestion – I catch up with a good friend and entrepreneur recently working in the hot whisky sauce industry at Melbourne’s well known Brunetti‘s for a cup of coffee and chocolate cake.  The scenery full of families, couples, tourists, with the buzz of caffeine betrays the kind of seriousness to which we were discussing the State of Affairs with the world and more importantly our minds. A good friend of mine gave me The Secret by Rhonda Byrne to read a few years ago. I read it and thought what a wonderfully simple book, but … Continue reading The Secret – Law of Attraction

Re-Writing one’s history

It’s a few more days and 2017 will be history. The seconds to 2018 will tick and we will start pondering what will the new year bring. Perhaps more importantly, how was 2017, what happened, what did we achieve, who did we see, what experiences did we encounter. Life — how do we measure it? Prof. Clayton Christensen’s book is simply too on the point to ignore. Do you want more money, greater general wealth, better relationships, a new start, better work colleagues? The list is endless…. Pockets of world news can shape and inform part of how we think, with further … Continue reading Re-Writing one’s history

Being the Authentic You

Source: Stephanie Martel Yesterday, I attended a startup bootcamp with Ben Roulston and sometimes it may surprise you what half a day can do to you when you really put your mind to it. What is it that you really care about?  And why do you do it?  Drawing upon Simon Sinek‘s work of ‘Start with the why:  How great leaders inspire action’, it was nothing short of going back to revist my subconscious mind and ask ‘What am I here?’  And of course we are invited to ask ‘Why does your organisation exist?’ If we cut to the core … Continue reading Being the Authentic You

Challenges in Change

Source: Pinterest Why do you want to change? What makes us change? What is the greatest hurdle to change? Us? Them? Others? Society? Why? Sometimes the storm is not outside, but right inside, deep in one’s minds eye. Some call it, ‘looking beyond the sushi train.’  The analogy of how, at the first instance there appears to be lots of sushi coming past you, but as you take a step back, the train goes around and around, and that in actual fact there are no new sushi, but the same sushi recycled in front of you. For me, change comes … Continue reading Challenges in Change

Reinventing Yourself

How do we reinvent ourselves? When do we reinvent ourselves? Do we need to reinvent ourselves? As I sit in the session of Reinventing ourselves at the IBA conference, speakers discuss personality traits, notions of success and failure, resilience, Maslow’s Needs, making changes and the larger questions of How, Who, When, Where, What? In what way or how AI will impact the legal profession? Of a study by Dr. Larry Richard and in the presentation, key attributes to the make up of a lawyer includes: Skepticism (90%), Autonomy (89%), Abstraction (85%), Urgency (78%) – it does not preclude positive qualities, … Continue reading Reinventing Yourself