Allowing them see what they most need, Rolling seas, tasting salt at the tip of their tongue; Desiring sunrise as sunset, calming their nerves.   Looking into the eye of the sun, With such power energy; amongst the rippling waves, emotional transitions.   Seeing the rays across the expanse, Especially, when time goes against the grain; night haunting day, intensifying her light.   Thirsty to reach the end, dipping into the water; mindful that birds are flying away, letting sun rest.   HT 29/11/2019 Continue reading Living


source:   Beyond space and time, not when you are judgement; drawing upon the field, breathing that centre.   Field around centre becomes 9 metres wide, Non-local phenomenon interaction knows; un-memorise states, they are born again, in the same life. source:   Having done meditation to do 3 years, To heal their condition; They wanted that healing wanting more than that sleep, More than their morning coffee- more than anything else.   Not wanting breakfast, Internet; But connection – nothing matters more than that, Everyday they overcome a little bit of themselves. Certain days, they did not want … Continue reading Measuring


source:   Imagine being a builder of sustainable builders, until 2008 when everything is lost; what if we tried to recreate what we know, but people do not want that.   Imagine waking up in the middle of the mind and asking a question, asking – what do people need? What does my family need? source:   In the old world of separation, competition – we ask, What can I get from this choice? Makes perfect sense in a world of separation- the new question, What can I give? How can I contribute? Building, innovative, self watering, self … Continue reading Collaboration

Reflecting UNISPACE50+ and 20 years of Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)

The sun had just about arisen, and the room was packed. Smells of fresh coffee, voices and porcelain cups. As all walks of life – doctors, astrophysicists, engineers, designers, academics, students, entrepreneurs and space enthusiastic gather together – we come with a sense of mission. This week is very special for the UN, specifically the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs as it is the 50th anniversary of celebrating space exploration and space. From Sputnik to landing on the Moon, from Apollo to Elon Musk’s Tesla to Space, humanity has progressed so much since then. As a number Space … Continue reading Reflecting UNISPACE50+ and 20 years of Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)

The journey

It was another morning, Hearing the owls hoot; There is barely a soul in sight, A black cab drives up the slim sliproad. One by one, one piece of luggage is lifted and placed onto the van, Each passenger taking their place; Some resting, some checking in their flights, some chatting away… Within what seemed like minutes they arrive at the airport obscured by the dark Dawn, the sun had yet to rise. Passengers orderly go through the process of security, It was quieter than usual; Perhaps it was the hour, perhaps it was that moment Leaving, leaving behind the … Continue reading The journey

Global Cluster Messier 79

Source:   This is life, the oldest place where bees live, They have a trained eye, understanding tropics, rocks, flowers and enhanced activities; They understand the billions of patterns, pollen networks debating time scales, Understanding their neighbours and how life manifested.   Going into unchartered regions, they understand life is everywhere, from bacteria to molecules, from hot springs to Greek rivers; degrading colours do not deter them, genetic materials change according to their climate.   In searching life, they never assume or sacrifice themselves unwittingly, they proliferate and leave their mark; to understand how life can adapt to any … Continue reading Global Cluster Messier 79