Real deal on Future lawyers

Diversity, flexibility, options and living as we wish – whilst seemingly simple is harder to achieve than one thinks. As we share stories of what we would be doing if we are not a lawyer, the answer was broad – pilot, opera singer, teacher, boat maker….the list goes on… What do we want as future lawyers? Work life balance. Some recommended we put it on the agenda. That it is ok to talk about stress, bring in psychologists, speak to our bar, approach management and focusing and investing in the problem. Technology can be seem as a blessing or curse- … Continue reading Real deal on Future lawyers

Objectifying Blockchain 1

When you see a room full of lawyers eager to learn about blockchain, you know one is about to see a sea change. Financial cryptography they start, is a study between the spaces; going back to The Netherlands in the 90s, we are given a tour of history of how signatures are minted onto coins and cheques… Digi-cash, the first wave of digital money on the internet. Whilst it did not survive, other secure online businesses such as paypal came to the fore. What is a bond? What’s a dollar? How do we digitise? How do we keep the contract … Continue reading Objectifying Blockchain 1

The Japanese maple leaf

(pic source: The Spruce)   It came upon her like a snow flake, As she watched the autumn leaves fall; One stood out, among the green, one perfect Japanese maple 6 leaf fell to the ground. Where it came from did not matter, Taking it in her hand she returns to the kitchen; There smells of cocunut, curry mixed with greens fill her senses, With metta, so much metta. Students across the Dhamma centre sit in total silence, Nothing to be heard, yet that of an indignant fly, but even that is clouded by the silence; Sunrays penetrate through the … Continue reading The Japanese maple leaf

Law, Ethics and AI – Ingredients for success or otherwise?

When one speaks of AI, there are normally one of two reactions? The first is one of excitement, opportunity and hope for the future. The second is one of worry and fear of losing jobs   Is there a third way where we can balance the two? As AI conferences start popping up across the world, there is a sense of urgency for all stakeholders to understand what exactly is going on.  For many computer scientists, this has been their daily bread and butter, and with new startups and companies embracing and appreciating such intelligence and technologies there is an … Continue reading Law, Ethics and AI – Ingredients for success or otherwise?

Randomness for improvisors

    Some say think before you speak. Why not speak before you think? Randomness surprises out.  What about words to live by? Do you recall life mottos that inspire you? How about words or characters carry meaning for you? Think of ‘Just do it.’  How profound is it? How about the words ‘always’ and ‘never’.  Is it a metaphor for something? Even if we don’t know what it really means, why not sit and think what it carries for us? When we promise ourselves something, follow a motto that someone lives by, that can really carry us through good … Continue reading Randomness for improvisors