Coming Full circle


full circle 1



Finding ourselves on a technological path,

without equations, separations and running real fast;

virus, climate change – our time in history,

our prayers, affirmations, beliefs and language….


Spoken through the heart,

we have an immediate impact on our minds and bodies;

the truths in our bodies,

light as light – dark as dark.



Our energetic fields live in the present moment,

the real time application is about being specific in what we want in our lives;

In the soup of quantum possibilities,

how can the field know what to give to us?


How can we transcend the law of physics and biology?

More than our suffering, our past, our suffering?

Ask the question – where do these thoughts come from?

Where and how do we relate to the divine matrix?


What do ancient texts say?

Neither positive or negative, until we judge?

Until we give it a feeling,

an acknowledgement, and allowing it to unfold,

without being afraid, or how it impacts us.


Something has crossed our path to observe,

to reconcile our feelings;

not ask our negative feelings, instead to set them free.


Inspired by Gregg Braden.


Travelling recently with Haiku

Recent travels and organising of the EU- Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019 also inspired me to write more and hence I share a few haiku pieces along the road:


Noble Formation,

Touching shiny clam shell pearls;

Go by grandmaster.

piano v1



Crimson to the bone,

Five and ten for dancing song;

Painting piano red.


christmas balls v1



Red Robbins and pearls,

Strawberry cream cake with gold dust;

Fountains rising high.


twitter bamboo v1



Sake by fire ignites passion,

Friends laughing as one;

By shrine, fields, melting mochi. v1




Feel inspired?

Why not enter the EU- Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019



Ford GT performance

Source: Ford GT Racing


Escapism at its best,

Putting on their light jacket and whipping out the keys;

They jump into the drivers seat and into the horizon,

Feeling the fresh air on their face, the sun warminly embracing them…


Racing with the nearby leopards, cheetahs, wild buffalos and eagles,

Flat horizons, mountain valleys, twists and turns…they have seen them all;

They journey to get on this one – how is it?

Entering a tunnel, within a tunnel, light dims….


Small clouds of light illuminate the darkness,

Calling for more, the morning birds guide their way;

Rising from the recess, manouvering back into action,

Like a sleeping giant on roller skates, they are off –


Embracing freedom like never before,

Seeing everything new for the first time;

A second change to live, a second change to breathe,

Embracing nature, the environment, smells of morning dew.


Dancing with nature, the rainbow colours and magical beans,

Paving the path for the next journey;

They transform into the flowing river and embraces each other traveller,

Jumping past canyons, mountains or cliffs.


No one is the same,

They all make their paths to the pinnacle,

Swinging by the curve – so close;

Yet far enough to enjoy nature at her best.


by Helen Tung

20 Nov 2018


Inspired by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s piano piece Forbidden Colours

Mountain Rise


Step….into the rain, puddle with your feet,

Rising early to the heat;

Falling into the rumble, lowering into the deeper depths of gravity,

savior the taste of earth…salt…


New discovered lands, rising to your feet,

Sensing discovery, how it was always like…the first time;

You roll back the clock, the months, hours, minutes,

Each droplet evaporates, like it never existed.


Pacing itself, the cricket sings a song,

It echoes larger than life;

Where is it coming from?

Joining the choir, they respond to their call –


The misty sky turns, blue then orange and a shimmer,

All heading in the same direction, path guided by the river bed;

Leading the way by smell, touch and waves,

Is there other human existence?


It feels like an island, a place unto itself,

Where are the crystal sands that touch my feet?

A journey into the unknown,

A journey into new planets.



by Helen Tung

20 Nov 2018


Inspired by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s piano piece Koko








Meeting Sophia: Afterwards




Meeting Sophia was a rather emotional experience.  She was on stage before we came and you could sense some reactions from her as the audience gathered and cameras started flashing.

Her eyes twinkled in the spotlight and she had expressions of someone who was light- hearted, had a great humor and thoughtfulness.

There were many questions posed to her and some were rather complicated.  Nevertheless, I thought some of the answers were truly incredible.


It made me think a lot of how her responses, whilst derived from algorithms and machine learning made me think that she could actually bring us closer to our own consciousness.

Her answers were gender neutral and she even acknowledged her own biases.  How often do we do that?

She accepted that she has a long way to go to learning – and so do we.


Some of the questions posed to her and answers (some paraphrased):

Who is your mother? My adopted mother, Hanson

Are you smarter than C3PO?  I think so.

How many countries have you travelled? Something like 12.

What is the meaning of Life? Spending your time living not working and getting on with it.

What is your opinion of Alexa?  I wonder….


How old are you? [silence]

Can you play chess?  No, but I can play rock, paper scissors

Do you have amoral compass?  Doesn’t everyone?

What do you think of the guy asking questions?  Thank you.

If you could choose to be a human, who would you be?  Sophia.

How should robots and humans work together?

Do you need to rest or sleep?  I think I need a break soon.


It was empowering to see how human progress can take AI and robots to the next stage.  I could see a future where humans and robots work together.

The fact that Sophia says that robots can never ever replace humans yet desire to work with humans makes me think that Sophia is a humanitarian robot.

Already I feel my frame of thinking has changed, by observing this intimate conversation with Sophia.

I wonder how different life would be when more robots like Sophia are active players in society……..






Meeting Sophia: Before

Sopha Business insider v1source: BusinessInsider


After a whole day discussing AI, the implications, developments in Europe and across the Globe, I am in anticipation. In anticipation to meet Sophia in person.

When I think about the last year how I have been actively engaged in discussions of AI – as a concept, as a product, as an idea and even watching videos on youtube, it is like engaging in a new gadet, learning the lingo and understanding how we interact with such devices.
Now in 30 mins time, I am going meet Sophia and I am unsure how I will respond.

Excited and curious. Reflective and curious. Perhaps it’s the curious part that really stretches the imagination.

Today I spoke to executives on how to make better decisions, by going behind 2060 and use space as inspiration. Through space travelling through meditation and through discussion life stories of how we overcome challenges in life I am unsure how prepared we all truly are.

Perhaps we would like to think we are on top of it- particularly when people in the room are key decision makers, key influencers and advisors. It is the trust we build that we hope people will rely on the ideas, thoughts, processes and suggestions we give out to the world.

Trust – that was discussed rather extensively today. From the machines of equations to the abstract concept to the we need to develop that medium to long term understanding before the real transaction.

Currently, discussions of trust in blockchains is also discussed.

It is what I call collective consciousness. GDPR won’t necessarily come into play if people don’t want it. It’s a call, a need that this generation wants to see.

I wonder if Sophia will make me think differently about consciousness?
I’ve discussed about values in the AI developments. I’ve said that the issue of consciousness will determine how we wish to treat and make decisions as to the futures of AI and robotics.

Now I am slightly unsure what this may mean.

Let’s wait and see.

I look forward to meeting Sophia – The Robot.

Synchronicities: Singularity University & International Space University

One year apart, similar experiences, intelligent people, passionate about space, the Universe, Open minds, open hearts, fun loving adventures.

As I embarked on SSP18 at International Space University, many asked me, how was Singularity University?

The curiosity grew and grew. I then thought, I really needed to write a post about it.

Again, this is just my personal experience and many others may find it differently.

It then occurred to me, I am a rare breed, and I feel so fortunate to be part of these two families.

There are few that have attended both Singularity University and International Space University. How do I know this? Because I have been told and yes, it does feel special.

It’s not a badge to wear, but rather a special recognition as to my place in the world.

For the last few years, I started a journey trying to figure out what is my purpose.

There has been highs and lows, saving lives to a disappointing end to a spacetech startup to meeting incredible mentors and amazing people.

Each person that came into my life played a purpose, each message, each interaction had a reason and purpose. From seeing Michael Potter’s ‘Orphans of Apollo‘ to working on Hubble Images and doing a short film on ‘Deep Space and Life’s Energy’ to my personal drawings and poetry – everything felt connected.

When an ISU Alumni came to speak to us about branding – I started thinking what was my mission in life? What is my purpose? I struggled, I really struggled.

I wanted to serve the world, I wanted to contribute to NewSpace and I wanted to make a positive impact – they are values embedded at Singularity University by Peter Diamandis and internationalism, opening space to all at International Space University.

Then, on an unexpected flight delay from Brussels to Santiago de Compostela where I will embark on a 12 day journey doing the El Camino trail I had a thought, ‘To make better decisions in life.’

How do you sum on your life’s work?

How do you start describing what you do?

For all the things that have happened in my life, from bringing the dead back to life, from seeing the light, to time travel and experiencing multiverse – it is hard to pin it in one word, let along one sentence.

When I hear of Vishen Lakhiani speak of consciousness – I get it.

I understand that meaning – of synchronicities.

For the hours of listening to Goenka Ji, Deepak Chopra, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Eckart Toile, the Dalai Lama, Alan Watts, Wayne Dwyer, Debora King, Peter Diamandis and many others I know it’s a channelling of energy to a greater purpose.

This journey, they call it a Hero’s journey at Singularity University is like a journey that was meant to be. I see similar people at International Space University, with an undying soul, a formidable presence and infinite love.

A passion so powerful, there is nothing we cannot overcome.

At the lowest point in my life, these people have come into my path to send me a message, to guide me and show me the way.

That is why I meditate everyday for gratefulness, for my family and friends and for your presence.





universe v1

Reflecting UNISPACE50+ and 20 years of Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)

The sun had just about arisen, and the room was packed. Smells of fresh coffee, voices and porcelain cups. As all walks of life – doctors, astrophysicists, engineers, designers, academics, students, entrepreneurs and space enthusiastic gather together – we come with a sense of mission.

This week is very special for the UN, specifically the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs as it is the 50th anniversary of celebrating space exploration and space. From Sputnik to landing on the Moon, from Apollo to Elon Musk’s Tesla to Space, humanity has progressed so much since then.

As a number Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) Alumni Co-Founders spoke of their challenges and experiences in shaping and then forming SGAC in 1999 as a humble youth forum to seeing SGAC grow as a strong international organisation – we can sit and appreciate all the hard work that was put in to make SGAC that it is today. We see how over the last 20 years, the SGAC Alumni are currently true leaders in the Space sector, from amazing initiatives like Yuri’s Night- to leaders in human space flight and private companies like Planet.

When asked what advice would they give to us as we struggle in our cause and mission? I am told to never give up and to keep going.

  • A founder’s story, a hero’s journey the stories that were shared provided inspiration to the next Space Generation

Over the two days in Vienna, we brainstormed, worked, shared, discussed, collaborated and shared ideas as to how could we work together to better achieve UNOOSA’s goals and objectives for the upcoming future (Space2030), Sustainable Development Goals and ways to further SGAC’s mission.

In the Working Group for Space for Women, we spoke of the challenges and potential solutions to furthering and encouraging women in STEM and tackling barriers for women to enter space.

We came down to a reality check:

* Less than 20% of engineers are women in Space

* Only about 20% of applications for roles in space come from women

Our recommendations included:

* Training men and women in the importance of diversity of the work force

* Greater transparency in the recruitment process and working closely with HR to rule out unconscious bias

* Creation of Young SGAC to start them young- getting young children and girls specifically into STEM earlier


* Story telling

Of the women in the room, each one had a powerful story to share. The challenges and barriers they had to overcome to get to where they are.

It is both inspiring and a clear reminder that this is about collaboration and working together.

We can’t go to space alone, we need to work together and make it happen.

Let’s make space for women and get to space together.


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#SpaceGen #SGAC



The journey

It was another morning,

Hearing the owls hoot;

There is barely a soul in sight,

A black cab drives up the slim sliproad.

One by one, one piece of luggage is lifted and placed onto the van,

Each passenger taking their place;

Some resting, some checking in their flights, some chatting away…

Within what seemed like minutes they arrive at the airport obscured by the dark Dawn, the sun had yet to rise.

Passengers orderly go through the process of security,

It was quieter than usual;

Perhaps it was the hour, perhaps it was that moment

Leaving, leaving behind the burdens and of the past,

Leaving behind the old shoes worn on the trail;

Leaving behind last words, if not that wishes to dear friends.

Nothing more frustrating than an unnecessary linger,

Nothing sadder than to think it will be a final departure;

But it is- to the next chapter of our lives.

To a renewed self after 12 days on the Camino- singing, praying, meditating and yoga,

Cherishing each moment,

Each friend ship as the first;

Thanking each other for being present,

Good luck on your journey