Humanity.  Life and words.

I want to thank a 90+ people at Singularity University for allowing me to me and for reigniting my passion in poetry.

Like all children, we grow up with stories – for Aboriginal Australians it’s Dreamtime stories, we hear sacred stories from Indian Americans

and it’s a way our ancestors pass on their stories and knowledge to us.

Anita Sanchez shared with us her beautiful story and a summary of the wisdom that she uncovered:

  • Forgiving the Unforgivable
  • Unity
  • Healing
  • Hope

Her power and presence can be strongly felt and as she sang, my heart sang with her.

I want to thank my friends and pals at SU for reigniting my dream – it means the world to me.  My poems are spontaneous, usually on the spot, grasping the very moment in time like taking a photo – but with words.

It’s a form of self expression that I really value and look forward to being more active in this ‘living art’.

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