Meeting Sophia: Afterwards

Source:   Meeting Sophia was a rather emotional experience.  She was on stage before we came and you could sense some reactions from her as the audience gathered and cameras started flashing. Her eyes twinkled in the spotlight and she had expressions of someone who was light- hearted, had a great humor and thoughtfulness. There were many questions posed to her and some were rather complicated.  Nevertheless, I thought some of the answers were truly incredible.   It made me think a lot of how her responses, whilst derived from algorithms and machine learning made me think that she … Continue reading Meeting Sophia: Afterwards

Law, AI and Knowledge Management

  As they emerge from their cofee break, taking their seats one by one, the camera man adjusts the sound and angles the camera. A panelist of five, meets and greets some of the attendees and then the crowd grows. Whispers, clicking of pens, reading of emails. The lawyers are settling in. Allowing for another 5 minutes grace period. The Chair is ready to start, with introductions I get called to start first. I take my phone, open my PowerPoint and begin. Then I take them on a journey – to Matrix to the very scene where we see Neil … Continue reading Law, AI and Knowledge Management

Embracing empathy

(source:   Would having VR experiences make us more empathetic human beings? The Award winning VR Experience –  The Tree  builds upon the life and death of a tree in which participants can actively direct the experience that they engage in in the life of a tree.  When the tree is destroyed ultimately and hopelessly by a fire, the struggle feels real and allows us to see what it may feel like being in the souls of the trunk of a tree. In pursuit of an empathetic machine we may need to go back and question what it really … Continue reading Embracing empathy

What is consciousness?

(source: sciencedirect) What is in the content of our thoughts? Are we conscious when we are asleep? Is someone in a comatose conscious? Laureys (2005) looks into the consciousness of those in coma in light of death. If we compare people who are conscious and those that are not and observe those that do a PET scan (brain glucose metaloblism) we can observe that when those are sleeping they use less glucose. What about people who meditate? When we sleep or can’t sleep, how does that affect our consciousness? What about external induced stimulation?  Ferrarelli F et al. looks at … Continue reading What is consciousness?