Gaseous Cocoon Around a Dying Star

Source: Gaseous Cocoon Around a Dying Star 29.011.95   Adapting to her environment, the sources are moving out, The relations she has been having are coming to an end; The afternoon came around like Cinderella and the glass hour, it was her last lunch.   The Chancellor decided it was time, There were no empty seats in the gallery, and the spectators were watching; As if she was an AI system that had served her purpose, She is being watched and her watching them.   The streams of tears flow from her face, It was all coming to an … Continue reading Gaseous Cocoon Around a Dying Star

The Candle

source: Candlecanvas   There is no flame that burns so softly, There is no right or wrong to the sway; Like a house of cards falling to the ground, is brought to dust, then laid in the river…   Tapping through the rain, blown against the wind, a zig-zag movement down the valley, from on the corners; figuring out to acknowledge this existence, the birds send a messenger, like a friend cheering them on; entering, re-entering their life, like a gentle gush of wind, crisp leaves roll, over and over again; working hard against the rocky road.   Shifting against … Continue reading The Candle