source:   A powerful word – when two energies match to find each other, Like two guitars – one leaning on one, and one on another; when plucked, the are in tuned the same, other strings may not move.   source:   We choose the quality of belief, with the truth and beauty, or anger and hate; We choose the resonance, patiently, patiently.   A powerful principle in nature, allowing for change, with few people; Learning the language of peace, healing in their bodies, They can convey in the divine matrix.   Stronger, and stronger, in language, focusing … Continue reading Resonance

Emotional response

Are we as connected to who we are as we would like to be? Are we as connected with our family and friends as fully as we like? Are we connected with our close colleagues? How do we understand that our colleagues understand what we mean? How do we connect? How do we empathise? What about listening? How do we show we are truly listening?  And have truly understood what they are say? How about trying paraphrasing and demonstrating we’ve understood what someone has said, and how important it is. Stepping back from all the discussions, and topics that are … Continue reading Emotional response