Asking those questions

  source:   Finding ourselves in an audience amongst hundreds, thousands, sometimes it is nice to be in a small room; having those deeper conversations, unscripted, randomness.   Asking questions, and gathering a perfect group of people, If the world ended today? Wouldn’t it be great to start with your closest group of people? What kind of dialogue would you have? What kind of questions would you ask? Did you have dinner? How was your flight? Aren’t you looking good? Thank you. Can I ask the first question? Just between us, as if no body was listening – how … Continue reading Asking those questions

Food frequency

Energy Centres source:   Energy, energy, to wake up, consuming, drawing from the vital field; expenditure in the life force of the border, easily unbalanced.   Respecting the balance, Not swinging too far; as the polarity reaches the ceiling of the ego, Lord of the rings- the power.   Giving it up, for something greater, For love, the greater frequency; All information and energy moves with intensity, systems change, repairing, activating, producing a mind in the centre. source:   Consciousness moves through tissues, noticing a mind, a mind of its’ own; second, third, fourth centre – a different … Continue reading Food frequency

Blood Moon

Source: ndtv   Parting their mind, completely lost in the vision, Strongly compelled to search and see and observe; Thinking of time, the past and overwhelmed, Touching the senses, choices and attraction.   Questioning your possessions, whether you should or should not? Thinking of the questions coming through – Coming forward, seeing people around, giving, additional paths, Keys to the puzzle, a bubble of beauty, pulling strength from that energy.   Balanced in the cloudless night, feeling the importance, Like a negotiator, buyer, feeling special, important, beautiful; Feeling extra, a whole new inspiration – brilliance, receiving good news, Uncertain to … Continue reading Blood Moon

The Candle

source: Candlecanvas   There is no flame that burns so softly, There is no right or wrong to the sway; Like a house of cards falling to the ground, is brought to dust, then laid in the river…   Tapping through the rain, blown against the wind, a zig-zag movement down the valley, from on the corners; figuring out to acknowledge this existence, the birds send a messenger, like a friend cheering them on; entering, re-entering their life, like a gentle gush of wind, crisp leaves roll, over and over again; working hard against the rocky road.   Shifting against … Continue reading The Candle