Overview Effect

Source: Science Direct -Earth Rise   She took a breath of air, This ….is…just….beautiful……..; holding onto that breath, she could feel tears rolling down her cheeks, so beautiful, so peaceful, so moving….   She could not focus on anything else, but that one blue dot, hanging in there, against the forces, struggling….. amongst the horizon,Continue reading “Overview Effect”

The Cartwheel Galaxy

source: The Cartwheel Galaxy: A Starry Ring World Born in a Head-On Collision http://hubblesite.org/images/gallery/page/21   He is hibernating in the cold, putting on his coat, and drawing on long socks, he is ready to face the night; donning a cap and silk navy scarf, he exits the first door, circling down the steps, each footstepContinue reading “The Cartwheel Galaxy”

Galactic Black Hole

Source: http://hubblesite.org   Implosions in the atmosphere….. Exciting, dangerous and built on it’s first success of travelling through time; Rich in minerals, arriving and staying for the next 18 months, readjusting the camera and door way to an alternative Universe, Bringing others back to earth.   About 1 km diameter, the scientists are now tryingContinue reading “Galactic Black Hole”

LEGUS Galaxies

Source: Hubblesite.org   Set in the clouded dust of sugar and lime, coatings turn and toil, through the invisible soil; dancing and spinning, turning and swaying, leaving imprints like children running across the sand.   Staring across the ocean, two twin brothers stand shoulder to shoulder, the younger sister not too far behind; they areContinue reading “LEGUS Galaxies”