Mountain Rise

source:   Step….into the rain, puddle with your feet, Rising early to the heat; Falling into the rumble, lowering into the deeper depths of gravity, savior the taste of earth…salt…   New discovered lands, rising to your feet, Sensing discovery, how it was always like…the first time; You roll back the clock, the months, hours, minutes, Each droplet evaporates, like it never existed.   Pacing itself, the cricket sings a song, It echoes larger than life; Where is it coming from? Joining the choir, they respond to their call –   The misty sky turns, blue then orange and … Continue reading Mountain Rise

To bottle or not to bottle

What is the debate about bottled water? Why does it matter and how does it affect us? Some Pro arguments: Economy Portable Low barriers to entry Distributed resource and power to an essential resource Circular economy Safer in developing countries Environment Quantification – solid understanding of water consumed (e.g. 15 litres to survive) Distribution – bottled and shipped to places where they are needed Verification – verified to be considered drinkable in cases where clean water is an issue Pro Ethics Easily accessible General safety standard Reduce waste – keeping bottle Could be recycled for other uses such as oil … Continue reading To bottle or not to bottle

Walking Earth

  Walking along the afternoon beach, Pebble by pebble; Surrounded by cushion clouds, Lowered to the sea. Deeper, deeper, first to my ankles then knees, Into the high seas then through the woods of greenery; In the forest, pine trees and ever green stretch miles and miles, The animals are slowly coming. Deers, horses galloping across fields, Monkeys swinging in trees, eagles soaring; Wings of all sizes flapping above, Shadows, streaks of sunlight breaking through. I see the blue sky, then the tribe comes for me, Lying down I see their faces forming a circle; Semi-conscious they put me in … Continue reading Walking Earth

Life Code according to Dr. Phil

    Some people think that Dr. Phil’s show are rather entertaining and in many ways they truly are.  Having read a number of his books, Life Code really stands out. We come down to the nitty gritty of asking ourselves, what are our values, what do we stand by, what do we believe in, what motivates us, what makes us tick?  Does this feel overwhelming when we ask our selves these questions? If we sit back and give ourselves a few minutes to reflect, the answer it may appear to be is actually, no.  In fact, these are questions … Continue reading Life Code according to Dr. Phil