Opening our minds with Systems thinking

Do you understand the picture? If you’re looking at your goals and outcomes, what are the risks, factors that impact on processes and variables? What are the driving dynamics in teams?  Your area of challenge?  What are the causes of this? What kind of scenarios matter?  What scenarios that you have not thought about? What are the dynamics between different people?  Things?  Factors? Daniel Kim provides a very good summary as to what is systems thinking.  So how do I go about this and how does it help me? Systems Thinking is suppose to be a disciplined approach to developing … Continue reading Opening our minds with Systems thinking

Social constructs – The Office

(source: pinterest) Humans are such creatures of habit.  There is something about familiarity – the same kettle, same desk, same chair, where one wakes up and routinely goes about getting ready for work, school and activities that feels important to us.  Or is that really changing? With offices down-sizing, if not even without an office – the idea of hot-desking, flexi-working and no office is fast becoming a reality, and some people are finding it hard to accept.  Why?  Working from home, commuting less and working smarter not harder is the new way in.  The age of technology which allows … Continue reading Social constructs – The Office


Life has it’s ups and downs.  How do we deal with confrontation? Sometimes it takes emotional courage to look at someone in the eyes who we are in total disagreement with. What is the need behind the position? Do we wish to co-exist? Agree to disagree? If we did not have to work together – how different would you behave? Can we create a safe environment and pro-create? What are the needs on a personal and professional level? What can we do if we are on the team together? How can we feel safe and get stuff done? What assumptions … Continue reading Confrontations

Emotional response

Are we as connected to who we are as we would like to be? Are we as connected with our family and friends as fully as we like? Are we connected with our close colleagues? How do we understand that our colleagues understand what we mean? How do we connect? How do we empathise? What about listening? How do we show we are truly listening?  And have truly understood what they are say? How about trying paraphrasing and demonstrating we’ve understood what someone has said, and how important it is. Stepping back from all the discussions, and topics that are … Continue reading Emotional response

Embodying vulnerability and psychological safety

  What makes Google so successful?  Is it the talent? The infrastructure? How about appreciation of psychology safety and providing a work space which allows for embodying vulnerability? Whilst there are no quick fixes.  There is much investment in the people and psychological safety for growth: Proactively affirm and encourage full participation; Establish ground rules; Hold time for ‘slow’ thoughts Provide an open channel; Diversity When leaders get stressed – our amygdala hijack becomes counterproductive to what we actually what we want to do.  Stressed out emotions like anger turns all rationality and intelligence into irrationality. Christine Porath of Havard … Continue reading Embodying vulnerability and psychological safety