The answer to the Future Lawyer….

Source: Mugdom Tomorrow I am going to speak to a room full of Futurists – lawyers, economist, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs and I am lost for words….for now. Even if I were to look into a crystal ball, the view of the future is not clear, except what is clear is there is uncertainty and theContinue reading “The answer to the Future Lawyer….”

The Secret – Law of Attraction

After the New Years, with much eating and digestion – I catch up with a good friend and entrepreneur recently working in the hot whisky sauce industry at Melbourne’s well known Brunetti‘s for a cup of coffee and chocolate cake.  The scenery full of families, couples, tourists, with the buzz of caffeine betrays the kind of seriousnessContinue reading “The Secret – Law of Attraction”

Re-Writing one’s history

It’s a few more days and 2017 will be history. The seconds to 2018 will tick and we will start pondering what will the new year bring. Perhaps more importantly, how was 2017, what happened, what did we achieve, who did we see, what experiences did we encounter. Life — how do we measure it? Prof. ClaytonContinue reading “Re-Writing one’s history”

Being the Authentic You

Source: Stephanie Martel Yesterday, I attended a startup bootcamp with Ben Roulston and sometimes it may surprise you what half a day can do to you when you really put your mind to it. What is it that you really care about?  And why do you do it?  Drawing upon Simon Sinek‘s work of ‘StartContinue reading “Being the Authentic You”

To bottle or not to bottle

What is the debate about bottled water? Why does it matter and how does it affect us? Some Pro arguments: Economy Portable Low barriers to entry Distributed resource and power to an essential resource Circular economy Safer in developing countries Environment Quantification – solid understanding of water consumed (e.g. 15 litres to survive) Distribution –Continue reading “To bottle or not to bottle”

The Dark Knight of the Soul

source: Some call it an inspiration for amazing art; others calling it a spiritual crisis? How we define it is very subjective, but from a personal experience, it can be very painful. It is the kind of pain, that one endures, when one feels the floor that they are standing collapses on them, though it isContinue reading “The Dark Knight of the Soul”