Coming Full circle

  source:   Finding ourselves on a technological path, without equations, separations and running real fast; virus, climate change – our time in history, our prayers, affirmations, beliefs and language….   Spoken through the heart, we have an immediate impact on our minds and bodies; the truths in our bodies, light as light –Continue reading “Coming Full circle”

Asteroids in Hubble Frontier Field Abell 370

Source:   The penny drops, and nails fall to the ground, clunk, clunk rolling off the stairs and landing in front of the ducks; quack, quack, a swarm of bells huddle towards the honey tree, the Queen Bee’s energy is in demand.   Standing out like a blue diamond, Queen Bee is busy amongstContinue reading “Asteroids in Hubble Frontier Field Abell 370”

Sporting a trumpet

The deeper tones growl with a snare, Rising onto their paws, the Tiger reclaims the sun; Lifting their cocked heads, and then bowing graciously come the Stalks, Giraffes and Elephants of the East. Rapid violin tunes from crickets in the thick of the fields, Pounding onto their chests the gorillas notify the others; The guestsContinue reading “Sporting a trumpet”