Electricity in hands

source: pinterest   Moving mountains in our paths,   with bear hands and sounds of angels;   questioning scientists is it human or not,   when a group of people come together with a mission – we all move mountains.       Coming together to feel the peace,   creating those feelings of power;   declining tragedy and secret traditions,   embracing experiences in our hearts.       source: thecultivatedheart.com   Viewed by the scientist, it may be a moment in time,   By others, such prayers are continuous;   It has no end, as it has no … Continue reading Electricity in hands

Coming Full circle

  source: soundandcommunications.com   Finding ourselves on a technological path, without equations, separations and running real fast; virus, climate change – our time in history, our prayers, affirmations, beliefs and language….   Spoken through the heart, we have an immediate impact on our minds and bodies; the truths in our bodies, light as light – dark as dark.   source: soundofheart.org   Our energetic fields live in the present moment, the real time application is about being specific in what we want in our lives; In the soup of quantum possibilities, how can the field know what to give to … Continue reading Coming Full circle

Asteroids in Hubble Frontier Field Abell 370

Source: http://hubblesite.org/image/4082/gallery   The penny drops, and nails fall to the ground, clunk, clunk rolling off the stairs and landing in front of the ducks; quack, quack, a swarm of bells huddle towards the honey tree, the Queen Bee’s energy is in demand.   Standing out like a blue diamond, Queen Bee is busy amongst her swarm, The colony has discovered new breeds of plants; soft, transparent, light pollen communicating at the speed of light, playing games, transporting one message to another.   The levels of demand on the bodies of these firm bodies, includes entering razor thin spaces, living … Continue reading Asteroids in Hubble Frontier Field Abell 370


  She reminds me of a dolphin, Dipping her nose in the water and then her toes; Dancing, twisting and vibrations of the waves, jumping and circling from the bubbles beneath her.   She reminds me of my Godmother, baking carrot cakes and homemade hot chocolate; tending to her bonsai trees and pruning apricot branches, fixing her apron with a particular knot.   She reminds me of sunshine, brightening my day with her wisdom; smile, and gentle reflection of life, echoing the stories before her and after her.   She reminds me of my long-lost friend, The one whom I … Continue reading She

Sporting a trumpet

The deeper tones growl with a snare, Rising onto their paws, the Tiger reclaims the sun; Lifting their cocked heads, and then bowing graciously come the Stalks, Giraffes and Elephants of the East. Rapid violin tunes from crickets in the thick of the fields, Pounding onto their chests the gorillas notify the others; The guests are coming – Where are they from?  What will they do? Transforming themselves into inate objects, A bow and arrow leads the way, followed by millions of red ants; feeding on the leaves and nutrient waste land like gold, it’s time to call the angels … Continue reading Sporting a trumpet