Travelling recently with Haiku

Recent travels and organising of the EU- Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019 also inspired me to write more and hence I share a few haiku pieces along the road: Go Noble Formation, Touching shiny clam shell pearls; Go by grandmaster. source: Piano Crimson to the bone, Five and ten for dancing song; Painting piano red.   source: Bells Red Robbins and pearls, Strawberry cream cake with gold dust; Fountains rising high.   source: Sake Sake by fire ignites passion, Friends laughing as one; By shrine, fields, melting mochi.   source: #NewSpace2060   … Continue reading Travelling recently with Haiku


Source: Ford GT Racing   Escapism at its best, Putting on their light jacket and whipping out the keys; They jump into the drivers seat and into the horizon, Feeling the fresh air on their face, the sun warminly embracing them…   Racing with the nearby leopards, cheetahs, wild buffalos and eagles, Flat horizons, mountain valleys, twists and turns…they have seen them all; They journey to get on this one – how is it? Entering a tunnel, within a tunnel, light dims….   Small clouds of light illuminate the darkness, Calling for more, the morning birds guide their way; Rising … Continue reading Racing

The Walk that will change your life

Source:   It starts around 5am, hearing the silent crickets wake up, around the same time as the rooster….. Fresh smells of eucalyptus, fresh mint, wild berries, apples, kiwis….. Dawn has yet to be broken, and already one by one, old and young, people have started their walk, a pilgrim’s walk, with a sea shell hanging off their light or heavy backpacks, armed with a walking stick or none, they are off on a journey …. A few days in, and I have already thought how much the El Camino is symbolic for so many reasons, for those that … Continue reading The Walk that will change your life

Thank your body – breathing

Source:   Thank you for being present, Thank you for breathing; Thank you for being there, Thank you for being you.   When you struggle, I see it, When you fail to hear, I understand; When you fall, I feel your pain, When you are in need, I reach out.   Each breathe you take, you do it for us, Each time you think of oneness, you think of the Universe; By breathing in you are clearing the path, To the chaos, clutter and unnecessary waste.   There is nothing more precious on this earth than you, Nothing more … Continue reading Thank your body – breathing

Lagoon Nebula

Source:   A splash of light, the puddle echoes across the pond, lillies part, as ducks swim forward, gliding gracefully alongside the river bed; Green mini-monsters roar, emerald shades add volume to the fragrant cluster, such breeze, as gentle as spring, like a day out on a row boat.   Sending ripples above the cave, with mirrors reflecting the sounds, sights and smells; as welcoming as the entrance of Disneyland – a world of magic spells and surprises, she swims deeper into the void.   As she lifts her arm swimming backwards, she grasps the tiny molecules – of … Continue reading Lagoon Nebula

The Candle

source: Candlecanvas   There is no flame that burns so softly, There is no right or wrong to the sway; Like a house of cards falling to the ground, is brought to dust, then laid in the river…   Tapping through the rain, blown against the wind, a zig-zag movement down the valley, from on the corners; figuring out to acknowledge this existence, the birds send a messenger, like a friend cheering them on; entering, re-entering their life, like a gentle gush of wind, crisp leaves roll, over and over again; working hard against the rocky road.   Shifting against … Continue reading The Candle

The New King

You are now the New King, And so he smiles, what new responsibility, what new challenges, what…. What are they going to do? Young by age, green by nature, hardly faced crushing defeat. Now, that will all change. Cheers, and waves of flags, he embraces the new cloak of authority, Will he ever see them again? Can life ever be the same? What do those new words mean? Expectations….and greater expectations…. The fanfare is inside, the trumpets that ringer louder internally, there will be no defeat, no sense of lost, in time or jewels; only triumphant in this moment …..of … Continue reading The New King

The Japanese maple leaf

(pic source: The Spruce)   It came upon her like a snow flake, As she watched the autumn leaves fall; One stood out, among the green, one perfect Japanese maple 6 leaf fell to the ground. Where it came from did not matter, Taking it in her hand she returns to the kitchen; There smells of cocunut, curry mixed with greens fill her senses, With metta, so much metta. Students across the Dhamma centre sit in total silence, Nothing to be heard, yet that of an indignant fly, but even that is clouded by the silence; Sunrays penetrate through the … Continue reading The Japanese maple leaf

To goodbye

He was dragging his heels, as he waited for the car, With an overplucked guitar in one hand and heavy black suitcase large enough to be a bean bag; Friend No.2 comes over, embracing his hands as brothers in arms, And stand calmly in the morning sun.   Time stood still for a moment, The last two months, like a supercharged video-recorder left no detail out as to what is encrusted in his brain; Inside, outside, music on- music off, closing eyes, breathing, eating, sleeping, Like a rapid fire, suddenly, all these thoughts crossed his mind.   Feeling his heart … Continue reading To goodbye