Failing successfully

  Who would have thought in management – failure is actually a top priority? According to Dan Klein we bond well when we succeed and we bond even better when we fail together, without attributing blame. What use could that failure become? Could that turn into a success? When we think of scientific research are trials not examples of failure, that when they succeed is a needed product? How often have you heard of companies recalling products?  Setting into failure and turning things around? Probably one of the most famous quotes on failure: “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in … Continue reading Failing successfully


When people say, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, it really is easier said than done. Recent events in particularly with regards to the death of a law colleague, has made me think once again of what is wrong with our society. Discussions on being ‘Burntout’, ‘Depressed’ and ‘Stressed’ are not new, yet why is it still a taboo subject amongst professionals?  Is it because of perfectionism?  Or the perception of perfectionism?  Is it because of stress from others?  Or is it because of stress that comes from within? The face that masks the truth of the reality with … Continue reading Judgement